4 Reasons to choose staffing over in-house nurses

In 2021, nursing is an in-demand profession but finding quality nurses and aides to meet the high need can be a difficult task. Discover why using a staffing company, like ePeople Healthcare, can help ease the burden of hiring and let you focus on your facility.

Choosing a staffing company over in-house nursing saves on costs. Not only is a pay rate negotiable with the staffing company, but benefits for the employee are provided by them as well. This will save your company thousands of dollars on a single employee throughout the year.

Faster Hiring
Companies like ePeople take the headache and lengthy process out of hiring. You notify us of a need and then we provide a well-matched, experienced nurse for your facility.

Coverage and Temporary Work
Maybe you’re expecting a surge in personnel needs for a month. Maybe someone else is going on maternity leave. Either way, staffing companies are a great way to have skilled, temporary employees when you need them..

Talent Pool
A qualified candidate can be hard to find. A company like ePeople provides a diverse pool of candidates, then provides a perfect match for your open position.

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