Timesheet and Payroll Approval Changes in 2020

In an effort to streamline processes, embrace technology, and consolidate tools, ePeople Healthcare has started utilizing AkkenCloud software to provide better service to both our staffing employees and our partnered facilities.

This featured enhancement saves time, is more efficient and accurate. We are using this software as a tool to better service you and your needs including timekeeping, scheduling, and the ability to post needs and for staff to apply to the positions.

To simplify the payroll process, we are asking that ALL staffing employees complete their electronic timekeeping every Sunday by 6pm.

Additionally, we ask that all the direct facility staff who approve timekeeping at the facilities approve the submitted time sheets or electronic timekeeping every Monday by 3:00 pm.

We want to ensure that both staffing employees and billing clients are paid accurately with an efficient process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at 412-324-1025.