Big changes brings new business

Over the Summer, ePeople decided to make some big changes in our leadership and it has proven successful. Since the change, we have seen an increase in the staffing opportunities we are able to provide our amazing nurses and aides.

Dawnn Clisby came to the organization through eKidzCare, an ePeople Healthcare, LLC, subsidiary that focuses on pediatric home health care. At eKidzCare, Clisby was brought on in late 2018 as the Corporate Recruiter, but soon found her interests expanding in the leadership and development sector. As her involvement increased with the development portion of the business, it became clear that she should step into that leadership role. “I began my newly promoted role July 30, 2019, as Director of Staffing at ePeople Healthcare,” said Clisby — though her work would account for a year in this role. “Since I started, I was able to partner with 10 new facilities in various areas across the state, mostly within Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.”

These new facilities mean big business growth for ePeople with zero plans of subsiding. Clisby added, “This will bring new and exciting opportunities for all nurse skill levels. Partnerships with new facilities will attract nurses all over the state of Pennsylvania.”

These additions are allowing us to expand our business and offer more options to current and oncoming nurses and aides. ePeople Recruiter, Kayla Casavant, shared her excitement for the changes starting to occur. “I am thrilled about being able to offer our candidates so many exciting and new opportunities! “

“We are amazed at how this new beginning will be helpful to our current employees while attracting new talent to join our organization to serve various patient communities.”