Introducing ePeople eXtras — your chance to be rewarded for your hard work with ePeople Healthcare.

ePeople eXtras is a monthly incentive program designed to reward active employees for doing their job well.
Each month, we’ll highlight the reward qualification for all active employees to complete. Those who complete the monthly qualifier are entered for a chance to win the reward previously announced for that month.
Monthly reward qualifiers are announced on the last day of the prior month. For example, the November qualifiers will be announced on October 30 (due to holiday).
At the end of the of month, a winner is chosen out of the active employees who completed the monthly reward qualification. Once a winner is chosen and notified, we announce it on the first day of the following month.
For our inaugural ePeople eXtras month, we’ll be rewarding the winning team member with a day of Paid Time Off (PTO) to be used in November.
The qualification to be entered to win October’s reward is perfect attendance for the month of October. If the team member does not miss any scheduled shifts at their facility, they are automatically entered, with the winner announced on November 1. Terms and conditions apply.
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Terms and Conditions: This monthly incentive program is only available for active employees who have completed 30 days (some exceptions apply) of work with ePeople Healthcare. The awarded day of paid time off (PTO) must be taken the following month, November 2019, and cannot be taken on Thursday, November 28. The November PTO day must be requested at least one week (7 days) before the scheduled date off to allow coverage for the shift to be arranged. PTO must be used as part of your regularly scheduled work week.