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4 Reasons to choose staffing over in-house nurses In 2021, nursing is an in-demand profession but finding quality nurses and aides to meet the high need can be a difficult task. Discover why using a staffing company, like ePeople Healthcare, can help ease the burden of hiring and let you focus on your facility. CostChoosing a staffing company over in-house nursing saves on costs. Not only is a pay rate negotiable with the staffing company, but benefits for the employee are provided by them as well. This will save your company thousands of dollars on a single employee throughout the year. Faster HiringCompanies like ePeopleRead More →

Timesheet and Payroll Approval Changes in 2020 In an effort to streamline processes, embrace technology, and consolidate tools, ePeople Healthcare has started utilizing AkkenCloud software to provide better service to both our staffing employees and our partnered facilities. This featured enhancement saves time, is more efficient and accurate. We are using this software as a tool to better service you and your needs including timekeeping, scheduling, and the ability to post needs and for staff to apply to the positions. To simplify the payroll process, we are asking that ALL staffing employees complete their electronic timekeeping every Sunday by 6pm. Additionally, we ask that allRead More →

Big changes brings new business Over the Summer, ePeople decided to make some big changes in our leadership and it has proven successful. Since the change, we have seen an increase in the staffing opportunities we are able to provide our amazing nurses and aides. Dawnn Clisby came to the organization through eKidzCare, an ePeople Healthcare, LLC, subsidiary that focuses on pediatric home health care. At eKidzCare, Clisby was brought on in late 2018 as the Corporate Recruiter, but soon found her interests expanding in the leadership and development sector. As her involvement increased with the development portion of the business, it became clear thatRead More →

Introducing ePeople eXtras — your chance to be rewarded for your hard work with ePeople Healthcare. ePeople eXtras is a monthly incentive program designed to reward active employees for doing their job well. Each month, we’ll highlight the reward qualification for all active employees to complete. Those who complete the monthly qualifier are entered for a chance to win the reward previously announced for that month. Monthly reward qualifiers are announced on the last day of the prior month. For example, the November qualifiers will be announced on October 30 (due to holiday). At the end of the of month, a winner is chosen outRead More →